Teach Me To Love – Chapter 24 Part 3

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6 thoughts on “Teach Me To Love – Chapter 24 Part 3

  1. Lawd have mercy! The stuff you come up with. i had to take my blazer off for that one. This is great I can’t get enough.Marlena

  2. happy new year!i’m still hooked so am waitin.i wanted to read Road to Freedom one of ur free novels but i cant download it so pls i need ur help.my email addy is kassie4real@yahoo.compls send the link to my box tnks

  3. Oh Boy this story is getting good!!! Can’t wait to read what happens next!

  4. i dont understand wat does Derrick owe Carne? i guess dats for me to find out cos i’m a bit lost. anyway i still enjoy it and i’m greatly tnks.

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