Deceptive Nights – Chapter 21

No more runny noses or migraines. I’m feeling
much much better.

I’m trying to get rid of my ice tea
addiction. The sugar is killin my azz – literary.

I’ve been trying to drink V8’s but that crap
is nasty straight up so I’ve been doing the splashes. A little bit more
sugar but it taste better.

Okay, I should warn you that its gonna get a
little hot in here. I’m setting up to a great build up and I’m still working out
the kinks of Phoebe and Jacoby and Lawrence. Yes, I hate Lawrence too and you’ll
be sending the death threats if Phoebe runs off into the sunset with him. I know
this already, LOL.

Then there’s the meddlesome Simone, and
Phoebe needs to take care of Daniel cause he’s getting on my nerves as well

Okay, I’ll post maybe two more chaps before i
have to shoot out of here at 430.


Deceptive Nights – Chapter 21 (c) 2005 Sylvia Hubbard