Author Interuption – BTW, Road To Freedom

BTW, I just changed the cover to Road to Freedom. So those who have read the book, please drop by the site and let me know how u like the new cover and then leave a review please for me.

I will have this book available on Amazon maybe in about a year or so. I’m still fiddling with it and I want to get the next book, The Other Side of Love out before I even think about assigning a ISBN to this one.

If you’ve never heard of Road To Freedom and you’re new to the Sylvia Hubbard Books then you should know that I give this one away for free too. (Cassie please stop yelling at me about that, LOL.)

Its a good story but after being rejected about it for so many reasons, I chose to do it like I did stealing innocence, but a lot of people don’t know about this one unless their like die hard Sylvia Hubbard reader’s and actually visit my website looking for more free stuff.