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Title: Mistaken Identity
Author: Sylvia Hubbard
Publisher: Lulu
Publisher URL:
Reviewer: Trang Black
Rating: 4/5 Stars
Heat level: O

Pitching a fit on her wedding day, beautiful Denise throws off her wedding dress and storms through the house berating everyone she sees. Dana, her twin in all ways except temperament, dreamily puts on the gown. She fantasizes about having handsome professional football player Jerome Lott as her fiancé and eventual husband. When Jerome shows up prior to the wedding and mistakes Dana for Denise, Dana realizes that this is her chance to live out her fantasy. They make mad, passionate love before Jerome discovers the switch. Both decide to keep their tryst a secret. But Denise does find out and blackmails Dana into posing as her for the wedding and honeymoon. Although he had never experienced such mind blowing sex with Denise, Jerome continues to believe that Denise is his one true love. He marries the woman he believes to be Denise but continues to fantasize about Dana. Denise’s erratic behavior drives Jerome crazy and he again turns to Dana. Can they resist their strong attraction?

Mistaken Identity is one hot story with lots of twist and turns. All of the characters are well developed and realistic. Denise is divine as the evil twin. She uses those around her to satisfy her needs and makes no real attempt at being likable. As for Dana, although she dislikes her sister, she feels a mistaken bit of loyalty towards her. She’s always lusted after Jerome but has held back. Even when she has the opportunity to be with Jerome forever, she doesn’t grab it because she doesn’t want to hurt them in the long run. Jerome and Dana’s feelings for each other almost jump off the pages at you. Their frequent sexual encounters are unbelievably hot and will keep you hooked. In addition, the totally unexpected plot twist had me guessing up to the end. ..

Trang Black
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