Red Heart – Chapter 6 partial

The door opened to a somewhat nice looking guy with friendly brown eyes. Stephen was taken aback at his undress state, but he pushed past him grumbling about wanting to speak to Jode before the man could stop him. He was looking for a fight to relieve the stress building up inside of him, and this man was five inches shorter than him. Stocky, but as much steel Stephen lifted a day, he was positive he could take this guy.

“Jode is busy, can I say who’s here to see her?” the man asked only a bit upset at his rudeness.

“Stephen Heart.”

The man’s demeanor immediately changed and Stephen was positive the man knew exactly who he was.

In his most menacing tone, Stephen stepped up to the man, “Go ahead and hit me, I’m just looking to hurt someone.”

“I’m not a fighter, but I won’t let you hurt Jode.”

He only sneered repulsed at this man’s caring for Jode. Moving away, he went towards the front room. The double wooden doors were closed, but he burst through them and stopped at the doorway.

Jode sat up gasping. “What the hell are you doing here?”

“Minding my own business,” he mocked her.

She stood up not caring about her undressed state. “You’re in my house, Stefan, so I suggest you leave.”

“Or what? You’ll call the police. Tell him to get his hands off of me now!” he ordered Jode.

“Is the police necessary, Jode?” her gentleman asked at the doorway.

She saw his hands on Stephen’s shoulder. “Go up to the bedroom Kevin, please.” She looked at her friend and when he didn’t move, she said, “I’ll scream if I need assistance.”

Kevin moved his arm away, snatched up his shirt, and warned, “I’ll be listening out.”

When he left, Stephen slammed the doors behind him and turned back to Jode. “Did I interrupt you?”

“That’s none of your business.”

He dropped the diary down on the coffee table. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Tell you what?”

“She was going to Chicago.”

“There was nothing to tell. She came to me for help.” Jode picked up the diary. “That’s why I gave her the money.”

He passed her a receipt. “She bought a car with it.”

“A car? Jode didn’t have a driver’s license.”

This time he frowned. “How the hell could she purchase a car?”

“If you have the money, you can do anything you want.” She snatched the receipt away from him careful not to touch his hand and picked up her clothes from the floor. “She only spent four hundred on the car and seventy-five on the tow. There’s still about two hundred and something not accounted for.”

“What did she need a tow? Why would she buy a broken down car? What sense would that make?”

“Were these for me?” she asked about the receipt and the diary.

“Somewhat. You wanted answers and since you don’t believe me, I thought you’d believe Kasey.”

She gathered the diary and the receipt and placed them above her fireplace. He’d followed right behind her, so close she could feel his breath on her shoulder and closed her eyes hoping he would just leave.

“I…” His voice trailed off.

Jode held her breath, hoping and praying he would just leave. The silence held more tension than any words could ever muster.

“The diary was insightful. She’s kept it since you left after…” His hands moved to her sides and she allowed him to pull her to him and wrap his arms around her waist. “Who is he, Jode?”

It was hard to swallow with his proximity affecting her. “A friend.”

“How close?” he asked his lips brushed her ear. “Should I stop?”

Why was he tormenting her like this? Biting hard on her lip, she was in a frenzy not knowing how to answer his question.

He turned her around to face him. “One word, Jode. That’s all I need. Should I stop?”

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