It was a hot night. One of the hottest in Detroit and the third night in a row that Andi couldn’t sleep. Hot weather gave Detroitersthe right to stay up all night. Yet, she wasn’t just hot on theoutside, Andi was hot on the inside. Since her divorce, she wastrying to be the “good girl.” No sex for six months. She was almosttempted to call up her verbally abusive ex-husband and tell him tohit it real quick. What was wrong with that?

No Andi. You just got him to stop calling you after you issued thePPO. Shit! Shit! Shit! Was it really worth it? No dick, needingdick, thinking ’bout dick all the time?

Jaming her fingers between her legs, she tried to relieve herself.Rubbing her clit, hard, then soft, then hard again. Andi was onlymaking it worse!

Huffing, unsatified, she stopped because she’d only had one dick forso long, she couldn’t imagine another man there. She hated him mostfor that. Riping her self-esteem so low, she thought she couldn’tsurvive without him and now she couldn’t even come without him.

Damn him!

With no air conditioners inside the houses, the only place to catchan occassional cool breeze was outside. It was a school night, butthat didn’t matter to adults. At ten o’clock at night, all the kidswho were serious about getting an education were asleep and the restwere running the street getting in trouble.

Andi wiped the sweet off her head and stood up from the bed. Herwhite tank top was soaked even though the two fans in the room weregoing at full speed. She cursed her car for being down and herrefrigerator for being on the brink of blowing up. With no coldwater to drink in the apartment, she was definitely dehydrated.

A loud boom boom boom passed the house making the building vibrateand car alarms go off. People speeding down the street in the middleof the night was common. Andi’s street had no stop signs for fourblocks and it was a one way. They use to drag race up and down theblock until the police caught on and stopped that, but every once ina while it caught back on.

The boom boom boom came back and this time she could hear the loudengine revving. Going to the window, she could see a guy in a yellow1971 mustang convertible with the top down. It was gleaming in thenight and the driver was talking to three girls walking down thestreet.

Andi knew the girls and made a disgusted face. Hookers who liveddown the street and walked the main street two blocks away, justwhere the gas station was.

Her light almond eyes returned to the driver. Although, Andi couldonly see the back on him, she immediately noticed the broadshoulders, thick arms that gripped the leather wheel, and powerfullong leg that pressed down on the brake pedal. He wore a yellowsports ensemble that matched his car complete with a cap and a thickyellow country scarf around his arm to accentuate the muscles. Shecould tell from here he was proud of his body and was probably andarrogant ass, but fine as hell and she couldn’t even see his facefrom there.

The girls were enticing him, touching his shoulders, pressing upagainst the car, giggling and giving him their full attention, but hewasn’t having any of it and drove away.

Andi licked her lips wondering if she could ever be so brazen? Theyprobably didn’t know him, but she bet a fifty bucks could get her aused refrigerator. Moist with need, Andi reluctantly shook away thatthought and moved away from the window.

She needed something to drink or she would never get any sleep.

The gas station was two blocks away and open all night. Not evenbothering to turn on the lights, she yanked something cotton out hercloset and found her four inch sandals she had worn earlier.

Tossingthe shirt off, she put the cotton dress on, found her wallet thatwrapped around her wrist with her keys inside and walked outside withthe shoes in her hand.

The yellow car passed by her building again as she sat on the porchand put her sandals on. He slowed a bit and looked her way. Sheknew why his attention was caught. Wearing a soft yellow spaghettistrap dress that came to her middle thigh and her legs partially openwould have caught anyone’s attention.

Maybe this wasn’t a good idea, she told herself.

The car kept going and she breath a sign of relief. Not because shewas scared, but because of what she wanted to do. She was horny.Plain and simple.

Automatically, Andi walked to the street and started walking down.The sidewalks in Detroit were like walking on rugged terrain, nomatter what kind of shoes anyone wore. Cracked, broken with trash,needles, glass, used condoms strewn all over them, the streets werealways cleaner.

The main street was empty. The hookers must have been taking a rest,but Andi had no doubt they’d be back. With the way the economy wasgoing, they needed the money just as bad as

Andi, but she had a 9 to5. It didn’t pay much except the bills, but hey that was good forAndi, although a good refrigerator and a nice working car would begreat.

The gas attendent took her money, but he couldnt’ stop looking at her

“You new around here?” he asked giving her the change from the juiceand large bottle of cold water.

“Nope and I won’t be around here long,” she said opening up thebottle of Ohana juice.

His eyes traveled down to her breast then back up to her face. “Youcome back anytime, okay?”

She walked out the gas station and started back to her housefinishing the juice quickly. She still smelled like citrus fruitfrom the bath soap she had used earlier, but she was tempted to getback home and run a cold bath and sit in it until morning. Lookingback inside the gas station, the attendant waved at her.

She knew what he was looking at. While married, she had gained overa hundred pounds and her chest seemed to take the majority of theweight, especially when she became pregnant, but the stress of herhusband made her lose the baby, but the weight stayed and her husbandbecame vicious in her words. Calling her fat and ugly, then hecheated on her with several women.

That was the last straw and she divorced him. Since that time – sixmonths ago – she had fallen into a depression she just couldn’t getout. True, she lost over eighty pounds from not eating, but shestill considered herself still fat.

The dress she wore had been from her unfat stage. It fit great overher hourglass hips, but the top two buttons wouldn’t come together tosave their lives and in her haste to get out the house, she reallyhadnt cared. Unfortunately, this brought attention to her maleappeasing 40C attributes which she usually kept under wraps, whichwas why the attendent never noticed her until now. Andi had been inthat store frequently, but if she wasn’t wrapped up from head to toe,she was usually looking like a car had dragged her around. Herbreast were always kept in a tight bra and her shirts were alwaysloose. Also, her hair which she usually wore in a tight pony tailrolled around the base was down and reached her shoulders. Indesperate need of another perm, it was thick and busy.

Catching the light, she bounded across the street quickly before itchanged. The boom boom boom suddenly came into view and she almosttripped trying to get out his way as he jumped the light and flewpast her.

Her toe hit the curb and she swore under her breath as her waterbottle dropped and the cheap top cracked. The majority of her waterspilled out and she angrily hurled it at the back of the car.
Itdidn’t hit the mark, but it almost came close.

Bending down to check her toe, she was mad at herself.


It was coming behind her and Andi’s heart raced in her chest as shelooked over her shoulder to see him parked right there looking at her.

He smirked in amusement and turned down the music.

Pretending he was not there, she started walking. He let the carcoast and followed her. “You almost hit my car,” he said.

Angrily, she stopped and exclaimed, “You almost hit me!”

“You shouldn’t be on the street! Ain’t it past your bedtime, littlegirl?”

She stomped away. The sandals were now hurting her feet and she justwanted to get home. She was still thirsty and she could scream atherself for throwing her drink.

“Wait! I wanna talk to you,” he said, popping some chocolate candyinto his mouth, as if that was enough to make her just slow down.

“Get the hell away from me!” Andi screamed.

She was coming to the first block and was about to cross the street,but he sped up and blocked her path with his car so she was standingright there on the passenger side. They were right under the streetlights and she got a good view of him.

His hat was off and his head was bald. Upclose he was wide. Notfat, but brawny and his upper body looked as if he were sitting onsomething because he was high up in the car, but that was all him.He had large eyes, a wide face, medium nose, and thick LL Cool Jlips, which he now licked as he was taking in the view of her. Hiseyes occasionally returned to her chest, and she could tell he washaving a hard time keeping his eyes on her face.”I’m sorry,” he said. Those dark eyes looked appeased at what theywere looking at and Andi felt the temperature between her legs rise.

Oh yeah, he was sexy with a capital S. He could probably do thingswith those lips her ex could never imagine making her feel.

Trying to keep her present ire, she huffed angrily. “You sure thehell are sorry,” she snipped.
“Now move this Jalopy out my way.”

“Why you being a bitch? I said I was sorry for running you over, butI wasn’t trying to make you mad.”

Confused by his words, she asked, “What were you trying to do? Killme?””Naw. I was trying to get your attention.” He put the car inpark. “Why don’t you get in, so I can introduce myself to you?”

“I don’t ride with strangers.”

He outstretched his hand. “Darren.”

Andi sniffed, putting her nose up in the air and walked around theback of the car. She didn’t stop. She just wanted to get as faraway from him as possible, but she couldn’t help walking straight andgiving him an extra swivel as a tease just to let him know that hewould never get the time of day with this good piece of ass.

Burning rubber, Darren drove down the block he had turned on and shesighed with relief. He was out of her hair and once she passed bythe old ice cream parlor, she would turn down her block and be homein two minutes. The night streets of Detroit was no place for a ladyto be.

Andi didn’t always use to be so prudish, but being married, she haddecided to be honest and true to her husband. Unfortunately, herhusband didn’t think he had to be honest and true to her.

Just as she turned the corner and passed the parlor and hand shotfrom behind her head and yanked her into the alley lifting her easilywith a thick arm around her waist and a hand to cover her mouth.

Whoever it was not only was he strong, but tall as hell. Her fivefoot four frame was pressed against his back and her feet had to be ahalf a foot off the ground.

Oh Shit, this wasn’t happening! her mind scream as she tried towiggle and fight, but this increased his powerful hold.

He was taking her behind the abandoned ice cream parlor in the thickunkempt brush parking lot behind the building where no one would hearher. In this neighborhood even if she screamed no one would come!

He allowed her feet to touch the ground, but his hand was stillaround her mouth and she tried to wrench away. That only sprained amuscle in her neck, while the front of her dressed ripped open. Hewas using her fight to ripe her clothes off her body and she moanedin shame as it was realized that she wore nothing underneath thedress.

“Shhhhh,” he huskily ordered.

He pulled her body back against and just held her until she tiredfrom fighting. Andi didn’t know how long he just held her, but hisbreathing in her ear, as he hunched over her, told her he wasdefinitely alert and the thickness that pressed against her backside,told her he was definitely aroused. Her hands were locked to herside from his long arm around her. Her eyes were wide with fear, butshe couldn’t see a damn thing in the darkness behind the building.She couldn’t even smell the pee and garbage because the sent of hishand smelled like leather.

The arm around her waist relaxed seeing she was through fighting, butas soon as that happened, she started to resist again.

“Uh-Uh,” he demanded, tightening his arm up only briefly.

They stood there. Her body naked against his clothed, both breathingheavily, but neither tired.His arm moved slowly away from her body reluctantly, but then hispalm came to rest on the middle of chest. She whimpered her protest.

“Shhhh,” he hushed again, just as his hand moved down in a smoothmovement, cupping a breast in his large palm. His mouth was open andhis hot breath caressed the back of her ear.

As terrified as she was, she still noticed that his touch wastender. He tweaked the nipple before moving to the other andmassaged it. His hand moved over her stomach and between her legs.She whimpered again, but this time she wasn’t protesting as hisfingers slid easily between her thick, soft, moist hairs andproceeded to lightly flick at her clitoris.

Andi threw her head back groaning unable to fight the eroticness ofthe moment. A stranger – tall and dark – was having his way withher. Making her come.

Her hips gyrated against his finger. She was gasping, her body waspulsing, her legs were trembling and she could feel her liquid heatreleasing. Yes, it was good his hand was over her mouth because thatscream would have been heard by the whole neighborhood.

“Damn,” he hissed and brought his free hand up.

Andi blushed hearing him suck on his lips before slipping them backinside of her. That was the biggest turn on and forgetting who washolding whom hostage, she reached around to cupped an area on him shehadn’t touched on a man in a long time. He definitely didn’t feellike her ex. This was the mother load of dicks and she knew asturned on as she was, she wanted it all.

He kissed her neck, suckled at her ears, swayed his hips against herhands. His other hand moved from her mouth and tilted her neck as hetook powerful bites on her neck, sucking on her skin until shegroaned in mercy for more.

She tried to turn around, but he stopped her.

“I won’t tell,” she promised, trying to turn again.

He still stopped her and stepped away. A few seconds later,something came over her face and covered her eyes. She started totouch it, but he moved her hands back to his groin. This time he wasin front of her and pressed against her making her step back a coupleof times until her back pressed against the wall of the abandonedbuilding.

His mouth dipped down and she felt his breath on her face, before histhick lips captured hers and his tongue slid around and battled withhers. She fought all right – to ignite his passion as she fumbled tounloosen his pants and push them down. He was thick and the scent ofhim was pure masculine, mixed with Calvin Klein.

Oh Lord, I’m a slut, she told herself, reluctantly breaking the kissand before he could protest, she dipped down and engulfed the head ofhim in his mouth sucking.

“Damn!” he hissed again.

She was really starting to like that word, even though she neveraloud her ex to curse at her.

Stretching out the unused oral muscles as wide as they could go, shedipped lower and took a deep breath before allowing him to slide downher throat. She hadn’t done this in almost a year and a half, but itcame back like riding a bike.

Andi would have bet this was the reason why her husband had marriedher. She had skills. Damn good skills.

His hips pumped against her mouth and she heard him beating on thewall.

“Baby girl, baby girl,” he begged and then cursed over and over again.

She tasted the salty pre-cum, mixed with a hint of chocolate. He wasa sweet man. She liked that he tasted good.

Feeling his orgasm coming, she reached under and cupped his ballstenderly before giving them a gentle tug. He was gurgling somethingincoherently and it was his turn to whimper as she release his thickrod and suckled on his balls.

“Ahhhh…Ahhh…Damn…Fuck…” He was loving it. Every second ofit and she was getting a kick out of orally pleasing him.

His hands moved under her pits and he pulled her upwards. His mouthravaged hers and her arms flung around his neck. Yes, he was talland big and muscular and …

Slipping inside of her!

Gasping, as he lifted her up off the ground with only one hand underher ass and pressed her back against the wall, Andi forced her bodyto relax and her inner muscles to work their magic, massaging everystroke.

He was still cursing, as if she were killing him. “Damn…ohfuck…feels….good…damn…damn….”

He buried his face in her neck as he pumped hard into her. Shewanted it. She wanted him. She was past climaxing. She was all outhaving a heart attack and stroke at the same time. Her body was trembling, shaking, violently spasming and if he wasn’t holding her,she didn’t know if she could have stood up to it.

She felt him hunch, as his mouth found her breast and he didn’t breaka stroke as he sucked each. He hummed in delight as she gripped hisback. His strokes started to become longer and longer.

Her mind was past reality. She was in this europhic fury, huffing,holding her breath, huffing harder, holding her breath, and then…

Andi felt him…oh….damn…it was pulsing; an earth shatteringsensation that gripped every inch of her pussy, making her vibratedso hard her thighs were clinching from the repercussion.

He didn’t move for a long moment. Her arms tightened around hisneck. His head had found it’s way back to the crook of her neck andshe could smell their love juices.

“Fuck,” he growled angrily.

Abruptly, he moved out of her, but gently set her on the ground.

He even held on to her as her legs wobbled a bit, before she gatheredher equilibrium. He cursed some more and she heard him adjusting hispants.

Andi didn’t know how she should respond. Should she be ashamed?Should she be fearful?

Suddenly, he grabbed her face and kissed her deeply. This wasn’t thekiss of a rapist. This was tender and gently – longing.

He broke the kiss, just as sudden as he had started and turned heraround to face the street.

Cars has passed by, but she knew no onecould have seen what was going on because of the darkness.

“Walk straight!” he growled. “And don’t look back!” That was athreat and the fear of him returned.

She felt for her dress which was torn, but if she pulled at thefabric, she could hold it close.

Stepping a few feet from him, shepulled the fabric from her eyes, but as much as she was tempted, shedidn’t stop walking or look back.

Getting to the street, she broke into a run and didn’t break strideuntil she was at her door fumbling for her keys.

She didn’t relax until she was inside her apartment and the door waslocked. Going to the phone, she picked it up to dial 9-1-1, butstopped herself and looked down at her hands to see the yellowcountry style handkerchief.


Running to the window, she looked out to see the yellow mustangslowly driving by. Darren was driving by looking right at her. Shewatched until he turned the next corner.

The End

BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!© 2004 sylvia Hubbard

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  1. I just read BOOM!BOOM!BOOM! and I found it disturbing but interesting. I understand that he was so taken with her that he just had to have her but I wish that it was done a little differently because it started out as a rape then it turned to a consentual seduction but I wish that it had been a game that they both like to play especially since a condom was never utilized.

  2. I get that a lot from this story. More or less, this is a fantasy that played out in my head and that it was just so powerful I really had to write it down.I might go further on this story later on (i’m still working it out in my head). A lot of peoople who read this are strangely aroused yet bothered by it.Me too.

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