Baby Doll – Chapter 3

Five blocks from her home and the only thing that kept her legs going was a need to feel her warm soft bed with the fluffy pillows all around her. Yes, that would be just wonderful.

Pendulyn had taken her shoes off and was now walking barefoot, dirtying the white knee hi stockings. Sparsely, she held her purse in just her fingertips knowing it contained only one thing she needed at the end of this journey – her house key.

Huffing and feet pounding the pavement sounds could be heard coming to the corner she was about to get to. Suddenly two black shadows burst from the side street and knocked her down. Three other shadows continued to follow the first two, but then one stopped behind her as she was getting up and she was too tired to care what this one wanted. Didn’t anyone ever say sorry anymore?

Pendulyn turned and looked at the man who stood about six feet three, brawny, and hard looking. He reached over and yanked her arm hard, flinging her against the building. Before she had a chance to scream, cry out, or even take the breath she lost when she hit the hard surface, he was pinning his body against hers with his elbow in her throat.

Closing her eyes in disgust at the smell of this man, she was repulsed as his hands groped her from head to toe.

“Who are you and what the hell are you doing here?” he growled angrily.

She couldn’t answer because she could barely breathe or move for that matter. He must have realized her predicament and moved off a bit.

“Are you hooking?” he accused her. It didn’t sound as if he was even trying to make it into a question.

Pendulyn really wanted to slap his face, but she was too tired to do anything, except go home. “I have no money because if I did I would be home right now.”

He slanted his eyes at her and rubbed his thick black beard. He wasn’t pressing his elbow in her throat anymore, but he was still pinning her with his body. “What’cha doing out this late?” he demanded to know.

She ignored his question and made her own demands in a very disgusted tone. “Please get off of me.”

“You ain’t in no predicament to be telling me what to do, lady. Now what’cha doing out here? You selling yourself?” He placed a hand on her breast.

He eyes went wide in fear and audacity. Somehow she managed enough strength to writhe against him and the brick wall her back was against, but that’s about all she managed to do because the more she struggled the harder he pressed.

When Pendulyn knew there was no way to get out of this unless she placated him and answered his questions, she stopped her struggling. It was either that or faint. “No, I’m not.”

He leaned in close, looking at her lips then her eyes. “You sure, cause I got five dollars that you might need.” He squeezed her breast a little hard and she winced.

“No!” she sneered. “Get your filthy hands off of me, you pervert!”

“What are you? Fifteen? Sixteen? Ain’t it past your bedtime?” he goaded her anger.

“If it is, then let me go, you-” She stopped, feeling his groin press against her stomach. There was a definite hardness in that area and it had nothing to do with the nasty smelling coat.
‘This was not happening to her,’ she told herself.

He smiled wickedly and oddly she noticed a perfect set of teeth in his mouth. To be a bum, he took excellent care of his teeth and his lips were soft, not crusty.
Why did she notice this suddenly about him?

She tried to scratch at him, but he only grabbed both her hands in one of his large palms and raised them high above her head. This gave him free reign to her body and his eyes didn’t miss one inch of it.

“You ain’t too keen on respecting your elders, are ya, baby doll? Maybe I should teach you a lesson about walking the streets.”

She could feel his hot breath on her lips just before they pressed hard against hers. She whimpered in protest and tried to turn her face, but he used his arm that held her hand to keep her head from going anywhere.

Far off, she could hear the cars passing, but no one came by the dimly lit street they were on. While he forced his lips onto hers, his free hand moved down her belly, then between her legs.
“Someone’s lost more their their way in the middle of the night,” he murmured against her lips as he discovered she was pantiless.

She tried her best to fight, but then stilled as his finger dipped inside of her and his thumb rubbed her sensitive region right above that.

With no strength to fight, she had nothing to do, but respond to his soft gentle touch and respond to his kiss, which deepened until his tongue was tasting the back of her throat. His other hand released her wrist and moved to concentrate on her breasts. The peaks were already hard and aching for any touch.

Her next moan wasn’t in protest, but ravenous, which prompted him to raise her dress up and rub his jean covered crotch against her. He pulled her thigh up shoving his coat out the way until she moved her lithe strong thighs by herself around his waist, then his hands moved around to grip her butt to hold her in place. He rubbed her against his harness.

Pendulyn had never experienced the mischievous sensations creeping through from her groin, swirling in her blood and flowing through her veins that the entire scene evoked. She assisted in grinding her hips into his groin, until she could feel the pulsing through his pants, which sparked the orgasm to erupt in her own body, making her shudder and grip him tightly with her arms and legs. Her fingers moved through his rough Brillo-like, dark hair and even that felt good to her. She closed her eyes to calm her racing heartbeat down until she realized he’d also stopped moving.

He was still pinning her, but the pressure was far from hurting her.

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