READER QUESTION: Where are there more #Kindles of @SylviaHubbard1’s books? #reader #booklover #smashwords


July 27, 2011 by @SylviaHubbard1

Reader question: Where are there more of your Kindle books? The ones you have on your Amazon page, I’ve read and I’m eager to read more in Kindle format!

I haven’t planned to try to upload to the Amazon store with another book until September or October, but I have some books available at the Smashwords store in Kindle Versions. Since Amazon won’t let me upload  FREE books, I have to keep them over at the Smashwords site for my readers.

I love to please my readers and I love to make it easy for you to access my books. Here’s a list of the books that are not available on the Amazon store, and are FREE.

Cover for 'Silent Lynx: Heart of Detroit Series'

Silent Lynx: Heart of Detroit Series


Cover for 'Diamond In The Rough: Heart of Detroit Series'

Diamond In The Rough: Heart of Detroit Series

Cover for 'Forbidden Fruit: If I Were Your Woman'

Forbidden Fruit: If I Were Your Woman


Cover for 'Love Like This'

Love Like This



Cover for 'Road To Freedom'

Road To Freedom




Now the question I get for the technologically challenged and just want to get to the reading: How do I get my books from Smashwords to Kindle?

Here is where you can get instructions on how to transfer your Kindle books from Smashwords to your Kindle.

There is also an instructional video for people who just need to SEE what to do: (video not produced by Smashwords)

Amazon’s support page provides additional options at, including the option to email a file to your Kindle (Amazon charges a small fee for this).

You can also click this link to find out how to get our books to your Mac, iPhone and other devices as well. If you’re feeling neglected because you have another device that’s not mentioned, just check out my fiction bookstore for other formats that may be available for reading, including PDFs.

If there’s a format that you would like me to convert to, I can try to work with you. Just leave a message in comments.

9 thoughts on “READER QUESTION: Where are there more #Kindles of @SylviaHubbard1’s books? #reader #booklover #smashwords

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  3. […] READER QUESTION: Where are there more #Kindles of @SylviaHubbard1′s books? #reader #booklover #sma… […]

  4. […] READER QUESTION: Where are there more #Kindles of @SylviaHubbard1′s books? #reader #booklover #sma… […]

  5. […] READER QUESTION: Where are there more #Kindles of @SylviaHubbard1′s books? #reader #booklover #sma… […]

  6. tonie says:

    i can not find stealing innocence III. Where can I get this book

    • stealing innocence isn’t out as of yet. in my blind positive hope for love from a publisher, I was hoping I would be picked up before it’s released. but sadly nothing has come my way and i might be releasing this in late 2012

      • tonie says:

        i am looking forward to the remaining Heart series. I have read almost all of your books. The women are who we are and the men what we are looking for.

  7. Awe thx Tonie. Looking forward to writing them. Spread the word please

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