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Thank you for supporting this author’s Literary endeavors. Before you get all excited, please do me a favor and like this post. This will confirm you’ve read the instructions and you will be obedient to the secrecy of the live story going on the site. Also, make a comment at the bottom (check in with your city and a little bit about yourself) so other readers are familiar with who you are.

If you find yourself not remembering, please hit the contact button at the bottom of the site and give me a holler. Until I find a great personal assistant and can pay them, I will be handling all customer service issues.

Please don’t share this password and please don’t share any of the stories on the password protected posts.

twowaystoblissThe password for the first live story (Two Ways To Pleasure) in  2016 is:


This will be to access all the stories for the 2015 year.


If you’ve just joined us, Two Ways to Pleasure started in January of 2016 and ended in March of 2016. Chapters can be accessed at:

beautifulREVThe second story Beautiful password will be:


This will start in April of 2016. The post for the chapters is

To read this book in its entirety, go to our Instafreebie page

password is Beau2017

threewaystoblissThe third story will be Three Ways to Bliss




The Murderer's LoverAnd the final password for the fourth story The Murderer’s Lover will be:


Passwords are case sensitive and like I said if you forget this post, then just hit the contact button.

Remember don’t share this post with anyone. This is just for your eyes only.

wpid-ravenous.jpgAs a bonus to the sneakreaders you will have access to Ravenous.

To read the book in its entirety, go to:

the password is sneakreader

The author has permission to change the stories at any time but word length for each story will average about 45K. 🙂 Make sure you leave a comment below so you can be notified of any updates to this post!

And remember, DO NOT SHARE THIS! Thank you again for your support to this author’s literary endeavors and if you are a sneak reader or you’d just like more people to read this author’s work, you can share the UNPROTECTED post at


23 thoughts on “LiveStory2015

  1. Yay I’m very excited for all these reads. Thank you so much for choosing me as 1 of the 1st set of readers for the live 2015 stories.. I set up an account through WordPress, but it’s a little confusing to follow. Lol I just want to know when the 1st book will be available or will we be notified?? Just to make sure I don’t miss it.. 🙂 thanks Sylvia.

  2. Since you follow the site already, AMarie, you’ll get notified in your email and also in your WordPress reader, which you can get the WordPress app through your phone.

  3. Hello ALL. Heyyyy Sylvia!

    My name is Theresa Tolbert. I usually go by Mrskt20. I live in Georgia (South Atlanta)

    I am truly excited about this site and always ready to support you in your writing endeavors.

    I am very excited and can’t wait to start the 1st story.

    I understand the secrecy for this site and will not share my information.

  4. Hello everyone!

    My name is Sonja Garrison and I live in Orlando, Florida. I am really excited to read the new books that will be posted.

    I promise not to share the passwords with anyone, but I will be sure to spread the word on what a great author you are Sylvia.

  5. My name is Cassandra and I love your books. I’m very excited about the new stories you have going on and can’t wait to read them.

    Keep up the good work.

  6. I am an avid reader. I have read all of your stories and I’m excited about these WIP.

    1. thank you Samilla. I look forward to getting them out. The date is undetermined now for them, but I want to push a lot of the earlier WIP before the end of the year.

  7. Hi, my name is Andrea and I am from NC. I am excited to be reading some of your new books.

  8. Hey I love reading your books. I have been hooked for a long time. So super excited.

    1. aww thanks Ebony! I hope to bring more to the forefront. I really just want to sit down and type. So make sure you’re whispering in everyone’s ear to read a Sylvia Hubbard book! LOL

  9. Hello I’m Audrey mother of 5 amazing boys ages 26,17,16,15 and 5. I also have 2 beautiful and intelligent girls ages 14 and 5. Just case you haven’t guessed the two 5 year olds are twins. I also have 1 wonderful daughter-in law and 1 “grandcat”. I’m from Fort Walton Beach, Florida also known as the emerald coast because of the beautiful beaches we have here in Florida panhandle.

  10. Hi Sylvia:
    Thanks for the rapid response. I have been a little under the weather this week so getting started on my readings tonight while in bed is my plan today immediately following work. I will be sure to check back in and drop a praise later.
    Michelle Baker

  11. Hey, #SneakReaders.
    It’s come to my attention someone is sharing the passwords of these stories. The reason I know that is because certain posts from the stories are only being read (the last half of the stories posted, which means paid readers are losing out.)

    Also If you’ve read Beautiful, I’d appreciate if you could leave a review on Amazon or wherever books are sold. Please go to the Beautiful post and click on the link to post your reviews. I’d appreciate that.

    Thank you in advance and once you do the review please fill out the form to receive special readers treat. (limited amount of treats will be sent out)

  12. Hi Sneak readers,
    New updates if you’re still there.
    I need an update on who’s paid for Black’s Innocence. Comment here or send a comment to if these comments are closed.
    Also, if you’ve paid in the past year, since November of 2018, you’ll be eligible to receive the readers box
    comment again if you’re up to date and if you’re not, please re-subscribe here. (We’ve changed our subscription process so I actually get an annual subscription payment)

    His murderer’s lover will be finished along with Black’s Innocence by the end of this year. Thanks for your patience

    Your author

    Sylvia Hubbard

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