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Then make sure to order your copy of She Works Hard For the Money and fill out this form by May 15th to receive your goodies! Want the VIP bag? Email your proof of purchase (screenshot of receipt) BY CLICKING HERE.


A companion guide with Behind-The-Scenes notes & videos to enjoy after reading each Episode within the novel. (Includes: What inspired certain scenes/characters, What changed from first draft to final, reader comments, etc…) There’s a bonus section inside of companionship novels.

2. Signed BOOK PLATE!

Get a signed book plate mailed to you. What’s a book plate? It’s a custom sticker with the author’s signature which turns your book into a signed copy!

3. VIP Reader trinkets, journal & stickers*

Did you really make a book purchase? Whether eBook or paperback, here is your chance to get a nice readers #SylLit Baggie. A bookmark, an inspirational journal and stickers. First come; First serve. Limited supplies, order your book soon.

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