Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been a writer?

According to my mother, it’s been as long as I could lie to her. I was a bigger story teller when she’d asked me why I had done bad and when she caught me in the lie, I had to write them down. What can I say, they sounded so good on paper, I couldn’t stop telling them, but that’s where they stayed. My punishment grew into a passion and today I’m an addicted writer of tales, lies and fantasies that readers all over the world enjoy.

The only bad thing about this is I have very little friends because I don’t like to verbally lie.

What books are yours?

As of 2008, I have 6 paperback published books:

I also am author of over 10 e-novels, but this isn’t all for me. I’ve been in two anthologies and I have planned to publish at least five full length novels in the next year.

 Where can I get copies?

All of my paperbacks, except Dreams of Reality (which is in publisher transition) are available at Amazon.com or BN.com. The majority of paperbacks are available through Ingram, but all of my books can be ordered online at my website at: http://sylviahubbard.com

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