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#Betrayed Book One Part Four Coming Soon… your thoughts? Reviews? #amwriting #livestory #CityBoys

In about two days (Monday or Tuesday) Book One Part four should be posting to Amazon and Smashwords.

I’m nervously excited as usual because of course the obvious happens but also Jordyn has to flat out trust her brother.

I brought in characters from other books to help her on her “deceit.” Dwight Bowman makes an appearance and upcoming will be more time with the lawyer, Mr. Wolff. He’s been a back staple in my head that I’ve wanted to write a book about for a long time.

I’ve been pushing what he knows about “King Heart” out little by little, but in part four you’re going to hear a lot more of what “really happened” to make Lethal Heart hate King Heart.

Haven’t caught up with the series yet?

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