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  1. Michelle Briggs

    July 8, 2011 at 1:57 am

    where can I purchase Tanner’s Devil ? i just finished reading Diary of a….. I must say you make me want to see Detroit. I was shocked, I laughed a lot, and really just enjoyed the book. Kudos to you Ms. Hubbard.

  2. I just finished reading the hearts series and i must say that the materil kept me in suspense and i like that about a book. Job very well done, i am going to continue to read anything you write. I would like to know how does one get started to write a book, i have had dreams of becoming a writer. These eyes have seen so much that i need to get it down on papeer.

  3. Wow – Ms. Hubbard, you have grabbed me as a reader of your novels forever. I started my adventure with the Black brothers, (Ethan and James) very, very, very good reading…..LOVED BOTH STORIES! I’m wondering when the remaining books will be available (King’s Paradise, The Mysterious Mr. Black, and His Substitue Wife….My Sister). I then read Secrets, Lies and Family Ties, also a great book, which lead me to read Cabin Fever (Prince), and I’m now reading Red Heart(Stephen) and look forward to reading about all the other cousins/siblings. I have some of the remaining books in the series but noticed that the book “Sex Weed” is not available. Can you share information on the “not available” books from both series (Black/Heart)? Ms. Hubbard, I notice that some books are on smashwords(Baby Doll and Diamond In The Rough) and others on Amazon, is there any chance that the books on smashwords will be available on amazon? I plan on reading all the other side character stories too, when they become available, which means I will be reading your books for quite some time. Thanks for the good reads!!!!!!

    • Thank you so much for enjoying the novels.

      The Mysterious Mr. Black and Sex Weed will be released in an unedited version through the exclusive store on this site. (Make sure you sign up for updates.)

  4. Hi Sylvia, thanks for responding quickly. Fortunately, I already have Sex Weed in the PDF format (you sent it to me as a birthday present), and I will be reading it shortly. I understand that it will lay some foundation for Lethal’s story, YAY! I am still excited about his story being released. Sylvia, I found your blog that you started in 2005, where you posted Emperor’s Addiction as a WIP in May of 2007. You listed the chapters up through 15,2, I was able to read the excerpts from the beginning of the story through chapter 6. After that post, when you clicked the links, it states that “the chapters were no longer available”. Then, there was a post from you on 4/10/12 of chapter 3.2 from the story. I tried to submit my email address to receive future updates, but there was a problem. Will you be reposting the remaining chapters, again?

  5. i hope to post the entire story soon. i’ve just been waiitng first for a publisher and now to finish paying for the editor.

  6. Thanks!!

  7. Ms.Hubbard when will the Emperor next book be out,please don’t make me wait so long.Just when it gets interesting it ends.

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