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Tanner’s Devil: Author Interuption – What’s Next!

I’ve been weirdly busy today. Too weirdly to explain

I worked on one paragraph from 8am to 1pm and now I’m busting my butt to add the chapter.

I’m sorry bout that. You know how you’ve been high all the time and when you aren’t high you’re sluggish.

I feel like that today.

Umm, someone emailed me and asked me about my next project?

Oh Lawd, after this I don’t think I’ll be posting until the third week in April. I need a brain break.

I did Teach me to Love and then hopped right into Tanner’s Devil.

I was thinking of a summer contest for the blog but I’d have to start it soon. details later.

I want to finish working out the technical difficulties on Dark Facade and then put the closing chapters on Other Side of Love and Stealing Innocence III. (Lethal’s working my nerve).

I would like to get some sleep, but I’ll be doing a lot of touring and some book signings in like Florida, Indiana and I was thinking about getting over to the New York so if there are fans there, please keep in touch so we can set up some booksignings, or if you know some bookstores that wouldnt mind accomadating me, i’d love to know. I’ll post my dates soon as I’ve booked.

I know the Florida one will be in Tallahassee, but I’m arriving on Friday at 12 on April 7th and I’ll be leaving in the afternoon that Sunday, so hit me up if you know a hook up we can arrange.

Indiana won’t be until June . Matter of fact, I’ll be there twice. June 2nd and 3rd and then for the Indianapolis book fest June 17th.

I was hoping I could do something in Chicago, but I haven’t caught wind of anything.

I know in May 6th in Detroit is the AA REad in where I’ll be doing a skit of Mistaken Identity. So anyone interested please come and attend. you’ll like it. We’ll be doing part 11. except we’re stopping at the kissing scene. (kids might be there.)

Posting soon. Sorry bout the wait.

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