Tanner’s Devil Part 4.2

Tanner continued in her seductress role and leaned back on the bed spreading her legs. She knew Donetello wanted her and she also knew there was no way she was going to avoid getting the last of her money in time if she didn’t do this. “Take it,” she ordered.
Pretending she wanted him was just too easy. She did this all the time for the johns and playing the role of a wanton hussy came effortlessly to her. The only difference was that, this was the first time she had to play it with Donetello, but he didn’t even know the difference.

He didn’t waste any time digging in and Donetello was just as skilled with his mouth as she remembered him. Knowing he only reserved this privilege to very few had always turned Tanner on and she relished in knowing he was eating her like he had not had a meal for days. His lips skillfully nibbled her womanly lips, lavished his tongue around her clitoris and then quivered in her syrupy moistness.

She watched him responding with sighs of pleasure she was use to doing and unlike all the other times, this was different. Tanner didn’t feel that thrill, that rush of bliss that would envelope her. Instead she was hoping he would get a fill of her and leave – just like any other john.

Closing her eyes, she pretended she had experienced some kind of pleasure. To compensate any boredom and falling asleep, Tanner started to imagine that it wasn’t Donetello down there. Instead, that strong face of Devlin Sanchez popped into her mind. It didn’t matter that she couldn’t see his face all the way, but the knowledge that he was laving her pussy so good, made her heart race and her skin perspire. Damn! Damn! Yes!

She couldn’t breath as her body’s nerves seem to gather for a storm of never ending pleasure and she laid back on the bed, gripped his head with her thighs and grinded her pussy on his nice beautiful mouth.

‘Devlin! Eat it good, baby,’ her mind shrilled, but she bit her lips to not speak. She further imagined his hands now coming over her waist to hold her down, knowing she was about to come.

His tongue increased and the honey she release flowed freely as her body culminated to a powerful orgasm that she had never had before. But it wasn’t just physically. Matter of fact, the more she imagine Devlin’s mouth down there, the more she could feel her entire body responding to the oral ministration.

Donetello moaned because he knew something was different.
“Fuck!” Tanner spat when it felt like a lightning bolt had shot through her head, down her spine and burst forth the most wondrous flood of vibrations throughout every vein in her body. “D-D-” She bit her lip harder to stop herself from saying Devlin’s name.

When the climax subsided, Donetello pulled away using a silk handkerchief to wipe his face and Tanner turned to the side to hide her guilty expression tears with welling up in her eyes.

He sat beside her on the bed. “Damn, girl, you ain’t never came like that before.”

Tanner said nothing wallowing in pure shame at envisioning another man while she was with Donetello. What had this stranger done to her? And why did she just want to scrub away Donetello’s touch, put on some clothes, and rush over to see if the john was still at the hotel?

No man had affected her like this – except Donetello, but this wasn’t happening to her. She refused to believe that some strange man could just affect her like that. She had been with Donetello for a long time before she had even admitted she was even remotely in love with her heart and an even longer time to admit her mind and soul were his at one point. Sure, she knew she had been always sexually attracted to him, but Tanner took all the other stuff seriously and she never made decisions without careful consideration.

“See baby,” Donetello said, drawing her up in his arms. “You need me, Tan. You love me.” He pressed the two thousand in her hand and kissed her brow.

He didn’t ask her if she really needed or loved him, so she said nothing, nor did she respond, but she could not stop crying from the guilt she was feeling. Resting her head on Donetello’s chest pretending she was still affected from what he had done to her, she continued to think.

‘Okay, so you feeling something powerful toward this stranger. It could be because you think you know the real truth about him and you’re just curious. Maybe if you get with him one more time, find out the truth, and fuck him good, you’ll get him out your system.’ That sounded half past crazy, but weirdly sane. Since meeting Devlin Sanchez, the word weird was coming up more and more.

Tanner’s Devil Part 4.2 (c) 2006 Sylvia Hubbard

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  1. Syrupy moistiness? Oral ministration. Dang, girl you messing with a sista who aint had none in a while. LOL. This thing, I mean story gonna singe my computer.LOL.

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