Chapter 48

Yes, this will be my last post for this whole story..the word count right now is 168K. That's a lot of free. I'll keep it all up until Monday and that's when it'll be available on Lulu for download. I don't have to teach this weekend, so I'll spend it typing on my jornada typing … Continue reading Chapter 48

Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Sylvia Hubbard

Nope this isn't the post you were expecting, but I'm stalling for time. I'm making love to Parker (i mean Charisse is), so let me (i mean her) sweat this out to read the rest of the post: Hubbard and download a book at: in all formats.

Payback, Inc- Chapter 7

CHAPTER 7I jerked.Saw the streetlamps.Saw Schi lightly snoring in the passenger seat, breath fogging up the windows.My side hummed again. Looked down. Lights dancing on the phone. Annette.Laid my head back; tried to understand.A dream.Premonition.Precognition.I wasn’t superstitious. My mind refused what I could not understand. I existed on the real, the seen, the known.But my … Continue reading Payback, Inc- Chapter 7