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(Updated 03012020)

Thank you for supporting this author’s Literary endeavors. Before you get all excited, please do me a favor and like this post. This will confirm you’ve read the instructions and you will be obedient to the secrecy of the live story going on the site. Also, make a comment at the bottom (check in with your city and a little bit about yourself) so other readers are familiar with who you are.

If you find yourself not remembering, please hit the contact button at the bottom of the site and give me a holler. Until I find a great personal assistant and can pay them, I will be handling all customer service issues.

Please don’t share this password and please don’t share any of the stories on the password protected posts.

The password for the first live story (Two Ways To Pleasure) in  2016 is:


This will be to access all the stories for the 2015 year.


If you’ve just joined us, Two Ways to Pleasure started in January of 2016 and ended in March of 2016. Chapters can be accessed at:

The second story Beautiful password will be:


This will start in April of 2016. The post for the chapters is

To read this book in its entirety, go to our Instafreebie page

password is Beau2017

The third story will be Three Ways to Bliss




And the final password for the fourth story The Murderer’s Lover will be:


Passwords are case sensitive and like I said if you forget this post, then just hit the contact button.

Remember don’t share this post with anyone. This is just for your eyes only.

As a bonus to the sneakreaders you will have access to Ravenous.

To read the book in its entirety, go to:

the password is sneakreader

The author has permission to change the stories at any time but word length for each story will average about 45K. 🙂 Make sure you leave a comment below so you can be notified of any updates to this post!

And remember, DO NOT SHARE THIS! Thank you again for your support to this author’s literary endeavors and if you are a sneak reader or you’d just like more people to read this author’s work, you can share the UNPROTECTED post at


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