Her Faith was lost. ✝️She was doomed to Hell, and she was going to take the church 💒down with her!💝#syllit #EvesDeception #bookrecommendation #OrderNow #FaithfulJourney #findingfaith

How do you find your way back when faith is lost, and where can you turn in your darkest moments? I introduced Evie, a woman who had endured profound loss and needed to unearth her past to rebuild her life.

Her journey to redemption led her on a path of healing that involved confronting the very church that had shattered her existence. The question remained: Would Pastor Matthew, a figure deeply entwined with this powerful institution, be able to halt her determined mission? Or would Evie succeed in toppling one of Detroit’s most influential churches?”

“In a battle of salvation and seduction, two souls collide. Will love conquer revenge in ‘Eve’s Deception’?”

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