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Re-Reading my work: Her Substitute Husband… His Boss – Episode 19 & 20

As I’m reposting the episodes for international readers and others, I’m glancing through the story and wow! This episode just jumps off the page for the story. I see why the readers were jumping up and down because that ending… omg! I had to search through all my group notes to find out what the readers had said about the episode and yeah, they were hyped upon hyped.

Even I had to go in and detail read the episode and I was like, man you really did that Sylvia.

Even the readers started to take note and I found this one in the deep dive of all the posts

And then..

Now I know these episode were lit because that’s when the engagement in the group really started. I got one reader who literally started posting in the group announcing the episodes for me after 19 where she says:

Here are the comments from that post:

That’s all to say, if you’re reading the posts now here or on then you understand why they started to sit up and read, but if you haven’t caught up with the story, please join us as a member or buy the who book read at only $10

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