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And I know the title of the chapter scares you, but that’s because as we wrap up, everybody ain’t coming out of this unharmed, especially when you’re dealing with King Heart. He don’t give a fug unless he gets what he wants!

Zigmund Adawolf appears in Her Substitute Husband… His Boss available as another Kindle Vella book and coming up as an exclusive serial read on my site (go to my website to sign up for updates)

Her Substititute Husband… His Boss:…/dp/B09KL8BG5L

Diedrick’s story is being put together as we speak and I want to thankyou guys for your patience. (this is my inspiration for him)

I have an anthology coming up and I’m trying to get that story together. It’s an offshoot of Richard’s story from Tanner’s Devil (Devlin’s brother) It’s a straight up NSFW story.

I don’t know why I do office romances so well when it’s nevah happened to me. Go figure…

Tanner’s Devil…/dp/B0143VTSTK

Anyhoo, get updates on my website for more to come and i might possibly to do a live soon. LmK if you’d like me to.

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