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A broken cord, an HS flair up and 4 heavy migraines in the month of March. It’s was a hard month for me, but I persevered and I’m still here to say

short workshop on how to set up your books on your website.

I also did a workshop of how come up with setting up my stories as a Plantser!


Wrongly His Is available for Free the first week of April – click here to add to TBR pile or WishList

About Book: Her deception leads him back. Who wouldn’t fall in love with just the sight of Ambrose Fairbank? Too bad he was gay, but his sister has a plan to fool him and she plans to use Jenna to mess with her brother’s head. When Ambrose finds out the truth… A short erotic novel from the edge of the imagination of award-winning bestselling author, Sylvia Hubbard.

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I’m trying to build up my BOOKBUB followers – well, because I can do more with BookBub if I have over a 1,000 followers – So, if you are so inclined, please take a moment to let me know you like me! And You can also find me on Goodreads and Amazon author page.



Yes, I’m still doing the Amazon Kindle Vella with Delilah’s Desire. We hope to be done by April and then we’ll post to Amazon Kindle Unlimited. I think you guys will be happy with this book!

I’ve updated the WIP with new stories to come so go there and scroll to the bottom and see what I’ve added.

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  • Monthly tips & to-dos to help you continually build your platform and increase visibility
  • Update Hashtags – Research new hashtags by looking at authors like you or on social media that resembles what you’d like to do
  • Clean up office area – If you don’t have one create one. Throw out the old.
  • Create a stock picture folder – Find free pictures related to your platform to use on your media, break it down by book or promo
  • Improve website or create one – No explanation needed, do it.

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