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Episode63 Author’s Notes from #DelilahsDesire 📚👀💜titled: The Landing Strip, Bermuda Triangle, or Another 🙀 | Read while the author writes! #romancesuspense plus much much more!

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I like the name of this chapter and this starts the journey of Dag and Delilah. Now you can’t be thinking this was not planned by Dag. When I tell you the one ups he’s had from the inception. He’s lived on the street and just because he looks like a mature man, doesn’t mean he can’t get down and dirty.
You were warned of the wake of misery he’s left in his past.
Oh and these couple of chapters of Dag’s past, connect the unanswered questions in the last part of my last kindle vella, Her Substitute Husband… His Boss about why the brother in Germany killed himself. Of course that doesn’t answer a lot of more unanswered questions about the other brother… yes, that story is coming.
I’ve put together an upcoming list of books I plan to work on and in the order. I’m excited.
I hope you are too.
Okay, back to work but I need to know what should be served at the dinner? Come to my FB group Sylvia Hubbard Literary World to give me suggestions for dinner. Your Author, Sylvia Hubbard

episode 63 author notes from Delilah’s Desire

I love how this episode worked out for her and I can’t wait to write all the next episodes. The saggy middle won’t be so saggy.

And If Gates Spa & Gym were open, I’d go. It sounds so delightful in my head. We’ll also get some of Gaston’s cooking and I’m going to need some suggestions for dinner in the comments below.

Let’s see what you’d like them to eat.

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