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#PenCraft Book Awards Announces ITS 2022 TOP WINNERS for Romance and Poetry Book Categories – 🥇🏆😏Author @SylviaHubbard ‘s wins in ‘erotica’ category for Black’s Innocence 📚📝 #syllit #bookaward @prweb

Honored and excited for this amazing recognition and I hope you take a moment to read and review the book

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about the book

Lauren planned the perfect life, with the perfect husband, but nothing could prepare her for Tyler Black.

You see, Lauren had patiently waited all her life for her wedding day. Vowing celibacy, saving every dime, and borrowing every nickel just to make one day of her life perfect from start to finish.

Yet, with all her planning she didn’t plan for HIM… the one man who has intentions of destroying everything she waited all her life for, but why? She had never done anything to him!

Tyler Black tried all his life to deny the monster that he was, but everything inside of him needed to quench the thirst for revenge no matter what the consequences were. In his mind, there was nothing pure or innocent left in the world and he would destroy anything or anyone trying to be who they weren’t.

♥♥♥This is a multicultural, urban intrigue, romance suspense, standalone to the Black Family Series from Award Winning Author and Mompreneur, Sylvia Hubbard. Check out other books on her website or follow her on social media for updates, news and more!♥♥♥

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