Make sure you have all of the books on the 2022 Updated Book List 📚❤️ for The Literary World of Sylvia Hubbard❤️‍🔥🙋‍♀️ #syllit #darkromance #intriguingsuspense #notyourmommasromance

I’m not a detailed oriented person unless I’m doing work for someone else.

But when it comes to me… oh I’m a lazy bum.

With that the update book link was being visited randomly and this past month I’ve gotten over 100 hits so I was like let me see what’s there.


That list should be burned… or updated… which I did

I think there are two that aren’t on there… or make that three now that I think of it, but trust me it’s a BIG update. I’m not going to say how old the other one was, but someone needs a butt whipping. (Telling on myself, It was November 2009).

Ready to see if you have them all? Click this link now and start your check list!

Let me know if I’m missing anything or you have any questions about anything. And I even updated some of the WiPs! And no, I haven’t finished Lethal Heart’s book. Ugh… I’m coming!

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