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Ep42 – #DelilahsDesire #kindlevella #syllit Thank you for the crown 👑📚 – The Redd meets Delilah #darkintrigue #spicybooks 🔥🧨💥❤️‍🔥

Episode 42 is on the way – The Redd meets Delilah

Yes this is the first time I’ve incorporated a name in the title. I need to bring out Redd because if you know my books, you know she’s going to meet the man she was created for…. Guess in the comments

Also we know Delilah is not all as pure as we think she is. She’s done some “stuff’ in the past and she can get a little dark as well… Plus Helen didn’t have her in that house just to get the money for her parents trust either.

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I’ve also made updates to the story’s page but I haven’t added Xavier Newt’s companionship story. Even though it’s undone, I want to make sure I list that so this is more of a reminder to myself to do that.

Answering reader’s dm – I know this is a slow burn but it’s a lot to unpack and once Delilah moves in, we’re going to get the ball rolling


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