2022 Book Releases by Author, Sylvia Hubbard – Make sure you’ve got them and then share this post with a reading buddy! #syllit #bookrelease #bookrecommendation #eroticintrigue #romancesuspense

2022 has been a busy publishing year. If you haven’t gotten caught up, here is the list of books i’ve published this year.

Delilah’s Desire – Sylviahubbard.com/delilahsdesire

Misguided Passions – sylviahubbard.com/misguidedpassions

Her Substitute Husband… His Boss – sylviahubbard.com/hersubstitutehusband

The Trouble With Gabrielle – sylviahubbard.com/troublewithgabrielle

Thank you so much for all your support to my literary endeavor and I hope you share this with a reading buddy.

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