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I’m getting ramped up about the newest book to come but I know I can’t tell you guys about all about the story!

It’s so hard because I’m terrible at keeping secrets.

Check out the main page to see more about the book but the short description is:

Delilah developed a weakness for his father that she prayed no one would ever find out. Love was rocket science to Dag & he always found a way to mess things up with his addictions, trauma and most of all his mouth. Explore the dark side of love where lust combined with desire leads to an unquenchable obsession.

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I’ve also started a list of tags/themes/elements that will be apart of the story.

steamy, urban fiction, interracial, drama, contemporary, romance, suspense, forbidden love, may-december, forbidden, #cyranodebergerac, father son, bwwm, IR, smexy, electroplay, , #kindlevella, episodic storytelling, live story writing

The list keeps growing and as of this writing, there might be more added so check out the book page for more.

I’d love to hear what you would like to see in the story or what you think might happen?

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