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What I’m working on behind the scenes #writerslife Getting my book life together one table at a time. #syllit

When it’s just ten books, you’re like oh that’s nothing to organize and remember.

but when it gets over fifty, you’re overwhelmed.

That’s where I am. So I’m starting small and going from book to book in order to see where I’m at. I filled in what I could remember and my book VA is going to help me with the rest.

She’s a long time reader and I’m so grateful I have her. We’re going to make the largest compendium for The Literary World of Sylvia Hubbard and have it available for readers so you guys can help make it grow.

If you have readers notes you’d like to contribute please send them my way or put them in the comments for ANY book you have.

Book story Questions? Please send them, ask them so we can make this tight as possible.

I thank you in advance and I’m thanking the good lawd for sending my Book VA to me.

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