#ReaderQuestions abt SHE WORKS HARD FOR THE MONEY | Warning: Story Spoilers.

this question stemmed from our talk in the Facebook reader group while we were welcoming new members

Here is my opportunity to answer her questions.


The question I have is in this story it seems that shadow only refers to king as her uncle. Is she not Daughter. And what does beck know that neither Lethal doesn’t know. Where this baby come from. And if arena and ex boyfriend never had sex who was actually the father. And did that crazy ex girlfriend doing something that caused her to lose the baby and never have more since all her ex wanted was her money.

Before reading this if you haven’t read SHE WORKS HARD FOR THE MONEY, there are #STORYSPOILERS:

Okay, we’re breaking this down (hence the blog post)

Shadow goes by whatever King Heart “allows” himself to be titled. We don’t question King Heart.

The second part of the question will be answered in Onyx’s story.

He’s close to King Heart enough to know the truth, but he won’t say a word because you can’t take sides when you’re not in the family.

BIG STORY SPOILER: The baby came from a woman who Ruby and Rick are looking for in Her Substitute Husband… His Boss.

Now your statement of “ex boyfriend never had sex who was actually the father,” I will have to protest because you can get pregnant with outer intercourse.

I think I addressed all the questions.

Thank you so much, Reader!

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