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Reader Questions about WiP Three Ways To Bliss & The Murderer’s Lover

I love to put these questions out to you because I know you’re probably wondering the same thing. So here goes:

this is me as I ponder these questions without feeling the frustration from these projects again
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How do I get Three ways Bliss and Murders Lover. I have the other two books Two ways Bliss and Beautiful. Thanks

Answer from the author:

We (meaning me and my muse) are trying to finish those for posting .

A technical error occurred for Three Ways (meaning someone stole the device I had the entire book on and I had to figure out the story all over again)

The Murderer’s Lover has been dropped by two editors (meaning they took my money but did not complete the book. very frustrating and heartbreaking.) I’m trying to get it done this year with more money from Kindle Vella endeavors with a new trusted editor who’s getting two other projects of mine completed – she’s already sent me revisions on three books and then we’re tackling these).

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