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I have read several books by Sylvia Hubbard and always find her stories to be entertaining and unique. She Works Hard For the Money is, in my opinion, Ms. Hubbard’s most entertaining and captivating book to date. We become reacquainted with characters from previous books, but it is our two main characters who command and hold our attention throughout this complex and humorous book. Some of the dialogue uttered by Beck had me screaming in laughter and sometimes disbelief; I am sure the people around me gave me a wide berth as I clutched by pearls and hollered. When she encounters Beck, kindhearted Renna has just extricated herself from a long-term same sex relationship that is so convoluted that you would have to read it to understand it (seriously, read it). Beck is enthralled with Renna and manipulates her current situation in order to pull her into his orbit. Renna is still trying to get pass her PAST which includes her evil girlfriend and her first teen love interest. But Beck is determined to make her love him. To say their road to HEA is twisty would be putting it mildly, but I enjoyed every dip, turn and wicked detour. Beck is one of three brothers and the ending of this story hinted that we would meet the brothers in subsequent books (Oh, make is so Ms. Hubbard).

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