When your illnesses get in the way of writing … #writerslife #writingcommunity #syllit

Along with migraines, I suffer from what simply can be called a follicular condition (Hidradenitis suppurativa) that came disrupt my writing flow.

from the pain to the uncomfortableness, I’ve endured these two symptoms most of my life.

What makes everything really difficult is that I can’t enjoy pain relief.

If it doesn’t get in the way of my migraine medicine (which is usually now Excedrin) then most times it doesn’t work or it burns right off and I have to endure raw pain without any relief.

So with that, I try to stay away from inflaming my follicular condition the most.

I can put up with a migraine… type through it most times but when I have a follicular flair up.

Jesus take the wheel

I’m not a complainer. I stopped that a long time ago. Most times the hubby can’t tell when I’m in a real amount of pain but this time was maybe the worst. He said I was quiet and moody.

First he thought it was aunt Dottie, but after a week and a half, he knew something else was up.

Finally he convinced me to go to the hospital.

By this time, I was also stressed because I was two days behind on my current book and I hadn’t gotten any other work done.

I did go to the hospital.

I hate hospitals because most don’t understand: I CAN FEEL EVERYTHING!

Topical lidocaine is a joke for this condition.

I endured getting sliced and pressed up before I had a mental breakdown at the end and even hubby had to hold me in the parking lot to calm me down.

By the time we got home, I wanted to write but I couldn’t.

That stressed and depressed me out more.

Hubby did the sweetest thing though. He made sure my laptop was charged and in bed with me when I woke up.

Since the house was well stocked he didn’t have to go out for food or anything and perhaps the house was a little junky but he didn’t complain.

Aside from that, when I woke up the next day, I typed almost five thousand words. I was going crazy with the characters in my head and I needed an outlet to get rid of this cloud of depression. I was even able to ease into a sex scene the first night.

By the second night, I got at least three chapters written, released two and worked on a fourth chapter while I edited the third one I’d written.

Currently, I’m going into the fifth chapter and I can finally put my arm down.

I’m still healing but I’ve typed the pain away.

I’m not going to say throwing yourself into your work gets ride of the sickness. But it for me it sure does help a lot.

What do you do when your reoccurring illness take ahold of you?

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