Was Stressed but now Blessed🙏🏾. Two crowns and one author 📚rules them all! … yeah, I’m a double FAVE👑

Yesterday I was stressed but ended the day with I’m not going to let this worry me.

Today, I’m pushing myself, editing and posting out episodes.

had to take a break and read the millions of comments in the reading group

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And then early this afternoon, I checked my stat for both books.

They looked abnormally high.

I knew Her Substitute Husband should be high since two episodes were released in one day, but yesterday Beck (She works Hard For the money) started to get some love and then today, he was still getting love.

And for that:

Beck is coming in at 182

And Her Substitute Husband is hitting the 82 mark.

Plus she’s gonna be at the 2000 likes soon. Look at that!

I’m floored by this and I thank everyone for supporting my literary endeavors. I appreciate you. I needed to document this because I needed to remind myself that there are some good days for this writing journey and there are going to be some better days.

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