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[@SylviaHubbard1] ” blew it out of the water.” My workshop results from @detstorytellers

Being locked down, I was a little rusty from speaking about writing, publishing and marketing. There were so many that jumped in and strated doing their own workshops I stopped doing them all together and my members needed help on marketing more than anything.

So when I was asked to speak for the February meeting of the Detroit Association of Black Storytellers, I was honored.

I tweaked a couple of my presentations to bring it home and i was impressed with myself of getting it together in time

Here is the result. A testimonial from the coordinator of my workshop

Email Subject: Gratitude…

Email Post:

Sister Sylvia-

I knew you would be good but you really blew it out of the water.

You are not only (pardon me if I say) a BADASSS AUTHOR.

You are a motivational speaker, You said Get up off that thang and WRITE and you’ll 

feel better. They could not stop talking about you. It is one thing work your genius and sell it BUT

you are so committed to genuinely inspiring and grooming new authors. 

You moved me and I know I am not alone. THANK YOU SYLVIA,

Janice Burnett for the Detroit Association of Black Storytellers

gmail Feb 26, 2022, 12:26 PM

It was truly an honor and pleasure to be able to give the members hope and ways to see there are lots of possibilities.

If you’re interested in having me knock a presentation out of the park for your group, please contact me.

I’m happy to help!

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