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Shining new U.P. Reader Volume 7 released For the Love of Books Podcast

Just in time for the unofficial opening of summer, U.P. Reader hit the stands with its shining new volume 7 graced by the beautiful cover of a mining shaft at Painesdale on the Keweenaw constructed in 1902. The hefty annual publication takes you on a road trip across Michigan’s Upper Peninsula from the Mackinac Bridge to Menominee with nonfiction and fiction pieces by UP authors who embody the life of a Yooper. “Yoopers are born, not made,” said publisher Victor Volkman. “That’s why I can never be a Yooper.” The 60 short works in the issue span the entire Upper Peninsula and include imaginative fiction from young winners of the Dandelion Cottage contest. The cover is by author Mikel Classen. Listen in for a chance to win a copy of U.P. Reader, Vol. 7 Sponsored by Doc Chavent and The Lowell Ledger
  1. Shining new U.P. Reader Volume 7 released
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For the Love of Books PodcastFor the Love of Books Podcast

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