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Author Monthly Update

It’s been a busy month to start off the beginning of 2022. I made my author video to round up the end of the year and talk about what I’m working on. I’ll be uploading that to youtube for you, but I actually go a lot done in the background that doesn’t have to do with my writing.

  1. Upgraded website on wordpress to a business plan so I can pull my gumroad into the website.
  2. Created a sitemap for website so I can really understand what’s out there and what I can control.
  3. Started a weekly brain dump so I can keep up with everything I have to do.
  4. I received a compliment about Trouble with Gabrielle that really hyped me up about how well it was edited. (I thank you guys for the reviews you’ve been giving me. We’re almost at the fifty review goal.)
  5. Added booklinks to my book list for Smashwords, Apple, Kobo & Barnes & Noble. I need to add GooglePlay and all the amazon links, plus I’m trying to figure out how to display the more complicated published books.

The challenges I’m facing is that I would like more subscribers to my blog and I would like to finish Her Substitute Husband… His Boss by the end of January.

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Thanks for all your Support to my literary endeavors! Your Author, Sylvia Hubbard

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Add January2022 Lunchtime Video

The fun I have in LIVES! #Booktalk w/ @theroyaltea_bookclub on instagram! #authorinterview #syllit #writerslife #booktube | BLOG POST

In response to video:

  1. Gabrielle was a surgical assistance. Because her high risk pregnancy working was going to be difficult.
  2. Along with the extra cost of tutoring, special classes, her son’s college supplies and unable to work, she needed money to cover living expenses and any other medical expenses that might happen. (A financial cushion)
    NOTE: I Love that you don’t kink shame and I love that you enjoyed the intimacy in the book! This was a really fun kink to add to this book.
    You still had me cracking up about your love for Olivia. And I love how you really connected to all the characters. I usually have people say I have too many characters.
  3. The spinoff is going to be called He Touched Me AND I’m honored to be a new favored author! xoxo


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