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My tribute to #MLK2022 … do this in rememberance of his legacy and what he wanted for the world

My mother was a historian and social studies teacher so we not only knew history, but why and how history was made, how it happened and what we should not do in terms of repeating mistakes in our world and our lives.

We also learned most importantly two things from my mother which one I’ll account for Dr. King.

  1. Do a job so well that the angels in heaven will sing your praises. For this I realized no matter the job I’m given and I’ve accepted, I will do my best to make sure I am the best of the best at that job.
  2. Be an asset and not a liability. I take this advice to heart as a woman, an African American, a United States Citizen, an empath, a scribe and most of all an author. For this website, I pray and hope I’ve been an asset to the lives of my readers and I thank you for supporting my literary endeavors.

Have a great day!

Your author, Sylvia Hubbard

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