What Did I Learn This Past Year #writerslife #syllit 📚💜✍🏿

  1. I can get back to my regular writing schedule if I work hard
  2. Not being scared of success
  3. My supportive partner
  4. Let go Let God

2021 solidified in my soul I want to stay at a home and just write books. I used that time to start getting back in the routine of writing again, finding ways to make the routine easier for me and just become confident in the idea that I could come up with great stories that would substain my life.

i’ve always known how muh I need in order to live every month.

Currently it stands at $2500 to pay the bills and get everything i need done in my buisnessi

I know that doesn’t sound like a lot but I cut out splurges at grocery stores, cutting down on utility use and little to no traveling.

If I can bring a steady income of that amount in without the substidy of the husband’s income, I think I can do this.

(I try not to factor his money in my life because I want to make sure I can have money in savings that would go to day to day life in case something really does happen to him. Lord willing not)

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  1. I can get back to my regular writing schedule if I work hard
    for this I turned to my journaling and documentation. Writing down what I did, what I’m doing and what I needed to do to keep myself on track but also see my results. It was sketchy at first but then it turns out I actually do a lot in a day when i put my mind to it.
  2. Not being scared of success. I’m going to admit, It’s scary when your dreams are coming true. And you want to back away and run, but then you also want to sit and watch things play out. Yet, I learned when you get success, you have to work harder and harder to get to the next rung. A lot of people want to be the lightbulb but very few want to be the filament. I want to be that little string that brightens up the room.
  3. My supportive partner. I can’t believe I have a man in my life. That’s about it. But the cherry on top is that he’s so supportive to my dreams and goals and he wants to see me succeed. That’s just amazing and I appreciate him. I learned through the year how awesome he was or ore awesome with his help in listening to my stories, giving me room to grow and not minding the stinky days when I didn’t want to move from where I was and write.
  4. Let go Let God does work and I got to see it in action. So many things happen Last year that made me not see the end of the goals, but your life really does make room for passions with lead to profit and most times to really get there you have to have a spiritual trust and strong relationship. I’m blessed to have his grace and mercy with me in my heart and it’s been a wonderful journey with him that has given me the power to say this year is going to be good.

As I continue to literary journey, I want to thank each and every one of my supporters who have helped, contribute and loved on me with the reviews and the engagements in the groups and here on my website.

It means so much to me.

Your author, Sylvia Hubbard

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