Posting Episode 17 of her Substitute Husband and we’ve reached 61 rank w/a crown in #kindlevella! thank you #sneakreaders! #syllit #livestorytelling #romanceintrigue

Still screaming…

Yes, I am and I am just loving the love my Sneakreaders are giving me.

We are doing it!

Yes, I said WE cause without you, I wouldn’t get the benefits of Amazon Kindle Vella.

I’m down from 104 (yesterday) to 61.

Posting episodes have been taking a while, but I’m just going to post them as I finished them and hope for the best.

I don’t try to predict Amazon’s posting time. Or their manpower

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Perhaps three is not a crowd… Shae & Dylan were married as soon as it was legally possible. 20 year later and the stress of life came crashing. Desperately looking for a job, Dylan’s willing to accept anything to provide for his family. and desires to make his wife happy. Zigmund finds himself pulled by the dark erotic beauty & opens himself to something unexpected but sensuously delectable. Yet, will this be a carnal adventure they want forever? Second #KindleVella by this author

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Start reading now | Check out more books by this author | Bio

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If you’ve read this far, then I’m going to let you in on a secret. I pulled Stealing Innocence III: His African Sweetheart.

Look for it on my exclusive store only. Sign up for updates. I’ll have the first three chapters for free and then the rest of the book available

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