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Author’s Note:

In this Author talk during brunch, I talk about my new Amazon #kindlevella episodic romance suspense Intrigue called Her Substitute Husband… His boss I mention the Christmas story I’m still building and all the published stories that have come, are coming and various WIPs. Click here to watch the video

I hope you guys had a happy Thanksgiving

I did rock my #Nanowrimo and I’m actually doing pretty good. At the time of this writing, we went from 205 to 182 on Amazon Kindle Vella for Her Substitute Husband.

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Don’t think you’ll get what you got in the other story that has a similar name.

Her Substitute Husband: His Boss is a reverse harem MMF Romance Intrigue.

I am doing a new twist on getting into one of the male’s heads. I’ve never done it like this before and I can tell you, Dylan is interesting.

Join the journey and start reading now, or please subscribe to my blog on when updates happen so you’ll know when you can get your eyes on it.

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Free book of the Month

Speaking of substitutes. Grab the Free book for the month of December at Smashwords.

His Substitute Wife… Her Sister – Book One

enter the discount code DH49A at checkout and have fun! Leave a review and let me know what you think!

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Speaking of reviews, I’m still going for that 50 book review on Amazon for The Trouble With Gabrielle and I’d appreciate you helping a sistah out!

You can choose to leave a review anywhere. Go to the book site and click on all of the links where you can leave or purchase the book

Thank you in advance ! Tag me if you leave it on social media at @sylviahubbard1

PRE-ORDER NEW BOOKShe Works Hard For The Money

Couldn’t read my last WiP (Amazon Kindle Vella) ?

Well take a look at this. We’re bringing it out to everyone May2022.

Jump on the pre-order train

I can’t wait for my readers to grab this and yes, it will be available in paperback as well a month later from the ebook release date, so get ready y’all.

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So you guys, have a happy new year and let me know what you want to look forward to reading.

Subscribe to see if I’m going to do the 7 Days After Christmas. And hopefully I’ll add more to the Create your Romance Game as well.

  • Lots to do
  • Still writing
  • Appreciate all your support. Collect all my books, Review them and then tell a friend.

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