Lunch 🍜with #SneakReaders | Update on✍🏾 #SylLit World🌍, Amazon #KindleVella, Books 📚I use as Research and More 🎉

Lunch with #SneakReaders | Update on World, Amazon #KindleVella, Books I use as Research and More

Every other Tuesday I have lunch with my FB Group in a live at

I give an update on what’s going on personally and in my writing life and give a chance for readers to interact with me.

If you’d like to join the live, just click the link above, otherwise I try to post the video within a week on here.

What I’m talking about

*** Upcoming Writing & Pub Projects to the end of the year
*** Update on my Amazon Kindle Vella
*** Thesauruses that I use (answering a question)
*** Getting pre-orders gifts ready (sign up)
*** And more

Links I reference:

She Works Hard for the Money (Beck’s story)

Trouble with Gabrielle (arc request)

Essence’s Divinity – Part 1

Help with Christmas Story:

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Naughty Words for Nice Writers -

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