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She Works Hard for the Money has reached #35 in Top Fave at Amazon Kindle Vella

I love with y’all crown Beck!

Keep them coming and I’m continuing to deliver!

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Loving this

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You’ll thank me later

About the book:

To get over a broken heart, get with a broken man. Renna had never heard that expression, but the idea of being with a man after being in a lesbian relationship for 8 years interested her. It would certainly make her forget about the pain and betrayal she was going through. Renna needed something different, but did she make a mistake by sleeping with the most rude, misogynist & selfish man this side of the Mississippi? Beck had a dark past, but when he saw Renna, he saw his future.

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We also got our first review

Thank you so much!!!

I’m going back to my writing cave!

I’m so happy

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