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Chapter 22 of She works hard for the money Posting soon. Author updates and Beck got fans talking! Amazon kindle Vella serialized #livestory #sylLit #grammarly What I’ve learned

Got my first stalker. I shouldn’t enjoy it but it really gave me life. Soon as I’m posting people are reading, so that makes me happy. I’m happy about the money I’m making. It’s pennies, but by the time it’s over I should hopefully make a nice profit per reader.

I’ll keep you updated on my Amazon Kindle Vella experience. If you’re unfamiliar with the Amazon Kindle Vella this is a little bit about it. If you’re ready to read and meet Beck & Renna, start reading now by clicking here:

What I’ve learned about doing serialized novels over the years

Chapter 22 should be posting very soon and we should be posting of course three more chapters this week. I’m sorry, I meant episodes.

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