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Announcement for Beta #SneakReaders for She Works Hard for the Money.

Note: I corrected the episodes, so plz go back in the story to make sure you are not confused. Start at Episode 24 and go from there because I added some story and then changed the word chapters to episodes.

Author Update

Almost 5000 words today in my current WiP.
Pivotal scene coming up and I think I need to step away and then come back later tonight to finish to give it justice. Plus I can only do one love scene a day.
That last one took a lot out of me because I was entwining the plot with the romance and my brain is fried.
But I found Beck’s heart and I’m just so happy about it.

On my playlist, as I typed this song came on and I immediately knew how i was going to get to my HEA.

If you’re a writer, Has that ever happened to you?
I can’t wait for Beck to make his HEA. I’m so excited. This WiP is going to be about 90K. I already know it.
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Don’t know what Amazon Vella is?

No direct link yet, but if you want to know more about Amazon Vella for readers, here’s the video

So like the video said, the book will be released sometime in mid-June.

By Chapter 3 you will have to pay. It’s just like the system I had on my site, except through Amazon. For this story, Each “episode” will contain at around 2000 words (or a little more), which comes to about 20 to 25 tokens a piece. I will publish every other day and right now it’s adding up to about 20 parts, so get your duckets ready. (These are all guessimates)

If this goes well, expect another book, by the end of the year.

Let me know what you think

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