🔊Speaking at #Toastmaster’s tonight… behind the scenes, notes 📝and thoughts 💡 #speakingtips #authortalk #syltips

I forgot to take a screenshot, but tonight I had the honor and pleasure to speak at Metro Detroit’s Southfield Chapter Toastmasters Open House (website)

To join click here to their website: https://metromasters.toastmastersclubs.org/

I was asked to speak about a month ago and I was nervous.

A national organization just drops in your lap and you’d be nervous too.

They’d asked for a teaching topic and even though I have been speaking for almost twenty years, I was confounded as to how was I going to teach well educated speakers anything?!

I rolled this over in my mind for several weeks and finally got a topic with a goal

Bringing Passion to your speech.

I then rolled it over in my mind I still wanted to put together something that was going to really rock. Finally I started writing down my notes

  • Eye contact
  • Adapt to the feedback you see from your audience. …experts agree that 70 to 93 percent of all communication is nonverbal or use the 7 38 55 rule
  • Let your personality take the stage. …
  • Most importantly… Be a storyteller / give experience

This was my fifteen minute speech notes.

After everything was done, they did a round Robin.

Wow and Wow

They liked me!

(Here’s my look for tonight)

They were gentle but I did get three Ahs and You knows and someone said I should have a presentation of the speech.

It was amazing. I had fun and I was so glad everyone enjoyed my talk.

Let me know if you want me to speak at your event or group! I ‘d love to come

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