Guess Who’s Working on her @Amazon #Vella 📝Story! This Writer🙋🏿‍♀️#SylLit #AmazonVella #WIP Coming June 1st


1) I figured the dimensions of your gif for the site has to be 1600 x 1600, but you want to make sure your words are centered on there so you can get all of them in the small space they give you to advertise your gif in case the reader is just scrolling. I used Canva and put in the dimensions, but it was a learning curve to make sure the words showed how Amazon took the image and showed what it wanted to show

2) Also, you get about fifty tags. USE THEM ALL. You can get a lot of traction this way in terms of searches and getting into the initial Amazon algorithm

3) Use Grammarly and spellcheck, plus when you post your story they have a spell check there too. I wouldn’t trust it that much… yet.

4) When you initially load the story it will say REVIEW… After a while it’ll say PUBLISHING. Don’t get scared if you’ve scheduled your posts out. Wait a day or so and it should say SCHEDULE

5) With it being a new program, don’t expect the approval and upload to go smoothly like one, two, three. From Review to Scheduling it took about a day or so. The longest time was four days when I initially started.

6) LEAVE AUTHOR NOTE. Remind them to fave, share, favorite, give you thumbs up and ask them to leave a comment. Also once you start getting coins, please thank them for their support.

7) I’m averaging about 2000 to 2500 per post. In all the mathematical sense I would say I will probably get about .25 to .40 cents a post (if the Reddit people are correct.) I’m a writer not a mathematician so I’m guessing here. So at the lowest, depending on what the reader bought I hopefully will make about $5 per story – depending on how many episodes (chapters) I have.😎 

8) Utilize cliffhangers, but don’t be ridiculous… that’s all I have to say about that.

You have more than enough time now to plan your story out whether you’re a pantser or plotter.

I’ll update more tips soon

If you’re a reader, I’ll be posting my writing notes soon throughout May.

I can’t wait for you to meet Beck

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