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Are you having trouble starting your book?

Perhaps you’re unsure whether or not your idea is good enough? Maybe you worry about keeping all the strands together or painting yourself into a corner?

Do you get overwhelmed at knowing where to put the beats, or keeping your characters, plotlines and settings clear in your head?

Is this familiar?

That’s why I’m excited for the Be A Bestseller – Structure Your Novel For Success masterclass series. It’ll make you realise writing your book and finding fans is well within your grasp.

Not only will it give you strategies to get started, it’ll remind you to believe in your own voice and your own stories.

It’ll remind you to trust your instincts and develop your self belief. And it’ll remind you that the path to writing and finishing your book can be as simple as a starting small and building up.

My friend, Emma Dhesi, has brought together 20+ writers, creatives, editors, and publishers for this complimentary training series. 

And you can access it all by clicking here: https://masterclass.beabestseller.net/SylviaHubbard

Can’t wait to see you there! 

PS – Don’t forget to get your free ticket: https://masterclass.beabestseller.net/SylviaHubbard

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