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The Literary world of Sylvia Hubbard consist of over fifty stories that most time intertwine with each other.

Some are series but the majority of them don’t need to be read in book order.


Dark Facade Series – (4 books) this is one of the series that must be read in number order
About the series – She discovers a secret society in Detroit and unfortunately it could be the end of her.
sylviahubbard.com/darkfacade | Amazon series page

Heart of Detroit – (7 books) this does not need to be read in book order.
The time has come for you to choose #TeamKing or #TeamLethal. Who will win in a war with a family where no one chooses a side, but everyoone wants to win? The Heart of Detroit Series is waiting for you.
sylviahubbard.com/heartofdetroit | Amazon series page

Black Family (5 books) – These do not have to be read in book order
About the series – When crazy is the only family you know… How can you find love in a normal world? These are cousins and brothers that have a decree of insanity depending on which side of the family they are from

Stealing Innocence (3 books) – These do not have to be read in book order
Series Premise: Premise: Woman takes advantage of a man. He seeks revenge.
sylviahubbard.com/stealinginnocence | Amazon Series Site

Mistaken Identity Series (3 books) – These do not have to be read in book order
Premise polyamorous standalone books with reverse harems for mmf. Do not need to be read in order
sylviahubbard.com/entiremistaken | Amazon Series Site

His Substitute Wife.. .My Sister (2 books) These have to be read in numerical order

About the series: When she cannot have a baby, she bribes her sister to take the place.

sylviahubbard.com/hissubstitutewife | Amazon Series Site

A Little Bit of Sin (2 books) – These do have to be read in numerical order
About the series: Synthia was a drug Colin didn’t need to get addicted too.
sylviahubbard.com/littlebitofsin | Amazon Series Site

It took this post to realize how many series I do have and I’m just shocked I have so many books that people can just jump into and that’s not including the companionship novels, which we’ll get into.

So Amazon has now allowed you to add your books to series (if they are) and plus at companionship novels so they can be suggested when you finish the books.

Can you say cha-ching!

Since I’ve done this, I can see an increase in book sales and reads on Amazon and I’m just happy as a lark.

To add your books to series, just log into your kindle publishing account and on the bookshelf tab, there is a series add. If you need to add a book to a series you’ve already created, go find that book in your bookshelf and then in the mini menu you’ll see add to series.

It’s so good and I’m so happy. I can’t wait to see what is to come to give authors more powers to connect to readers through Amazon.

Check out my amazon author site by clicking here: amazon.com/author/sylviahubbard

Now back to writing. I’m at almost 50k in Essence’s Divinity and I hope to get this done by the end of March. Hope Hope

Check out the story starter at sylviahubbard.com/essencesdivinity

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