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2nd Day after Christmas my favorite Author gave to me: 100% off Exclusive Reads. #7DaysAfterChristmas #SylLit #BookPromo

We’re chugging along the Free Train and I have wonderful gifts for you. If you’re riding along, you should love and enjoy this.

I was trying to give you only 50% but the darn thing kept giving me an error until I was like fug’it! just put in 100 and the error went away.

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2nd Day after Christmas my favorite author gave to me

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Two Ways to PleasureSometimes new experiences can lead to wicked surprises

Vengeful ObsessionOne taste of her and he couldn’t get enough… too bad it’s his brother’s wife

Teach Me To Love When they come together, who’s teaching whom?

Daddy’s GirlHe had a hunger for the one thing he shouldn’t have tasted. (entire eBook)

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