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I swear I have been working.

It’s going on day 6 of #Nanowrimo and I am fully throwing myself into the story.

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Gabrielle has her distrust issues and independency issues that I have to work through. And then I have to figure out Oliver. Even though he’s a past character of the story there is a lot about him that is also in David but then there’s a lot about him that is not in David and her attraction to Oliver is different from David despite the fact that they are brothers. I really want Gabrielle to know the difference.

I want her to feel differently when she is with David then with Oliver and in order to do this I have to explore how she felt with Oliver and what made him different.

Aside from that I am going on day four of a migraine. They’ve been getting longer and even though I have been regulating my food eating more green things and trying to move more they seem to be resurfacing despite what I do. I know what you’re going to suggest pills and drugs and stuff like that. But I am trying not to start something that I can’t stop plus I don’t need to be damaging my liver anymore than what I have been doing in the past with all the pills that I took for migraines in the past.

Despite all this I achieved over 1900 words yesterday and I was pretty stoked because I was listening to the news in the background because my father wanted to listen to it and I didn’t but I kept my playlist on high and only looked up at the television every once in a while and that was to see the totals which of course never changed.

Today I’m hoping to accomplish at least 2000 words but it is a struggle. Currently I am only at 500 and it is going on three in the morning three in the afternoon.


I took a break and decided to tend to my garden and prune my onions or scallions in my kitchen window and then I decided to make a nice ginger honey tea. These are my favorite and I am going to have to go and run out and find another bag to keep me through the winter and make sure I have enough honey set in my pantry so I do not run out that would be very very very bad so this is my update on my #Nanowrimo project and my life and my writing.

If you haven’t been keeping up with me on my very social medias I have given He Touched Me to a couple of alpha readers, who are helping me with the storyline it got convoluted and really difficult but we’re making sense of it or I’m making sense of it and we are going to get that project up and running as premium content on the site hopefully in the new year.

Thank you for supporting all my literary projects and being so patient with me during this very difficult and tough year for all of us so I want to say see you later, your author, Sylvia Hubbard

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